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Top dressing a method of eco-friendly fertilizing that utilizes a thin spread of compost (organic material) across the top layer of a lawn. This practice has many benefits for your lawn and on the surrounding ecosystem. It can help to improve water drainage, gas exchange, and healthy microbe activity. The added microbes break down matter in your lawn that releases nutrients back into the soil. It also improves the moisture level of your lawn by holding water during dry periods while still allowing excess water to drain off during heavy rains which is a very common occurance for lawns in the Hayward and Stone Lake areas.

  • Eco-Friendly Fertilizer
  • Levels Lawn
  • Better Handling of Moisture
  • Protects Lake Health
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Project Summary

Three Seasons Landscaping offers top dressing services for your lawn in Hayward, Stone Lake, and the surrounding areas in Wisconsin. Top dressing is a great alternative to standard fertilizing practices especially for people with lake shore property because it is an environmentally friendly practice due to the use of organic matter and lack of phosphorus. Even better, the need for top dressing is reduced after several seasons of treatment as it builds a healthy soil profile in your lawn. With the use of our compost spreader we can save you time and effort so it can be better spent enjoying our beautiful area. Contact us today for our eco-friendly lawn fertilizing services in Hayward and Stone Lake, Wisconsin.

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