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Three Seasons Landscaping now offers lawn fertilizing services in Hayward and Stone Lake, Wisconsin. Our fertilizing service begins with a free soil test for your property to create a custimized routine for your lawn. We then select the fertilizer and timing practices that will meet your lawn's needs. A critical step in the process is mowing your lawn at a high level following the fertilizing process so that your lawn can develop deeper root systems for better water absorbtion. Our practices also keep the health of our lakes in mind as we use fertilizers than contain slow release nitrogen and little to no phosphorus.

  • Free Soil Test
  • Increased Root Depth
  • Customized Fertilizing
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Project Summary

Three Seasons Landscaping offers lawn fertilizing services to Hayward, Stone Lake, and the surrounding areas in Wisconsin. Our custom fertilzing routine plans are environmentally conscious in our efforts to preserve lake quality in our area. After our initial soil test and visit, we will ensure that the application process is properly timed to increase nutrient absorbtion and decrease runoff. Contact us today to schedule your free soil test to begin the fertilzing process for your property in Hayward, Stone Lake, and the surrounding areas.

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