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Three Seasons Landscaping now offers lawn aeration services in Hayward and Stone Lake, Wisconsin. Aeration has many benefits to your lawn to help it keep it green and healthy. It can help to reduce soil compaction which will then allow fertilizer, air, and water to reach all the way down to the root system. It can also aid in the addition of pH balancing with lime or sulphur as it helps them reach further down into the soil profile. Thicker lawns can also be expected after aerating your lawn in Hayward or Stone Lake by stimulating roots to grow deeper.

  • Increased Root Depth
  • Reduces Insects
  • Better Water Absorbtion
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Project Summary

Three Seasons Landscaping offers premier aeration services to Hayward, Stone Lake, and the surrounding areas in Wisconsin. Aerating your lawn can help it prepare for the colder months by developing a strong root system so you can have the first green lawn come spring time. Contact us today for lawn aerating services in Hayward and Stone Lake, Wisconsin. Pricing begins at $300.

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